From Date : 10 Oct 2015
To Date : 11 Oct 2015
Total No. Of Days : 2
Time : 10 AM

Due to overwhelming response we are repeating our workshops in October ! 


Presents workshops on

Effective Reading Instruction in Mainstream and Special Education Classrooms.


10th & 11th October  and 24th &25th October  2015,Mumbai. 

A Short Course in Teaching Reading & Comprehension with Phonics – for mainstream teachers, special educators, parents…..


Dr. Radhika Misquitta, Ph.D. Special Education, University of Texas, Austin (USA)
Radhika is a founding member of the Gateway School of Mumbai, where she currently serves as Director of Education. She has worked in India and the U.S. as a special educator, trainer/coach, curriculum designer, and consultant with various organizations and schools since 2002. She has also co-published several research papers and has attended and presented papers at LD conferences around the world.

The following series of workshops presents effective instructional and assessment strategies to enhance reading instruction in mainstream and special needs classrooms. The first series is designed for primary teachers, where the focus is on 'learning to read'. The second series is designed for upper elementary and middle school teachers where the emphasis of reading instruction is on comprehension.

The modules will discuss the need to teach reading explicitly and present a teaching sequence and activities to introduce reading skills. The workshops span reading instruction in Kindergarten where the emphasis is on phonological awareness and phonics, to reading instruction in Std. IV, where comprehension is emphasized. The focus of the workshops is on strategies that teachers can implement in their classrooms to enhance decoding and comprehension skills.

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