From Date : 13 Jul 2019
To Date : 14 Jul 2019
Total No. Of Days : 2
Time : 10 AM







Ms Masarrat Khan


Masarrat Khan is the Chief Executive Officer of the Maharashtra Dyslexia Association (MDA), a Global Partner of the International Dyslexia Association. She holds Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology and English Literature from Mumbai University, and is a Certified Dyslexia Specialist and a Certified Academic Language Therapist. Ms Khan has an invaluable experience of three decades in the area of Learning Disabilities. She is the Course Coordinator for the Dyslexia Therapist Training Programme being offered by MDA in collaboration with the Multisensory Language Training Institute of New Mexico. She is a Pre-Primary and Primary Curriculum Developer and Trainer for the English Language and Maths.  Ms Khan was one of the Primary Investigators in the development of DALI-Dyslexia Assessment for Languages of India and has co-authored Research on ‘Ancestral Variations of the PCDHG Gene Cluster Predispose to Dyslexia in a Multiplex’ and Paper on ‘Determination of Marginalized Youth to Overcome and Achieve in Mathematics: A Case Study from India’ and contributed to the booklet Are You Aware? aimed at increasing awareness in parents and caregivers on the importance of early detection of developmental delays in children. She has presented the paper on Phonological Awareness and Phonics Instruction: Inclusive Practice that Benefits All Kinds of Learners at the National Conference on Inclusive Education and Technologies in Patiala in August 2018 and at the International Conference on Language, Literacy and Learning in Australia in April 2019. She will also be presenting the paper in June 2019 at the International Conference by Dyslexia Association of Singapore.



Phonological Awareness and Phonics


This two-day workshop will focus on the first two components of reading. Through this activity-based workshop, the Instructor will emphasise upon the importance of Phonological Awareness and Phonics. This programme is well suited for use with all students including those with Learning Disabilities, from Nursery to Grade 4.