From Date : 08 Oct 2018
To Date : 12 Oct 2018
Total No. Of Days : 5
Time : 9 AM

Once Again by Popular Demand!

 Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Programme

A Five-Day Intensive Workshop covering the second 5 instruments of the FIE programme  out of 14.

by Mrs Lalitha Ramanujan, Certified ICELP Trainer, & Director Alpha to Omega,Chennai.

THE FEUERSTEIN INSTRUMENTAL ENRICHMENT PROGRAMME [FIE] is based on the concepts developed by internationally renowned Israeli Psychologist Prof. Reuven Feuerstein, whose work with children affected by the Holocaust resulted in the setting up of the International Centre for the Enhancement of Learning Potential. This intervention programme is based on the belief that intelligence is modifiable and not fixed, and is designed to enhance the cognitive skills necessary for independent thinking. IE aims to sharpen critical thinking with the concepts, skills, strategies and attitudes necessary for independent learning; to diagnose and correct deficiencies in thinking skills; and to help individuals "learn how to learn". 

 IE can be used with students in classrooms and individual diverse populations ranging from low-functioning performers to gifted underachievers. The programme aims at correcting deficient cognitive functioning and enhancing the individual's capacity to learn more effectively from direct exposure in formal as well as informal learning situations.

 The IE Level 2 Programme being offered by MDA from 8th to 12th  October 2018 introduces the second set of 5 instruments out of a series of fourteen .

The standard two of the FIE instruments will be

1. Catogoraisation

2. Instructions

3.Temporal relations

4. Family relations

5.Orientation in space -2

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