Date : 27 Feb 2019
Source : cammie

Do you teach young children to read?

Whether you work in a classroom or you work in a home setting, with eager readers or children who really struggle to read, this FREE course will teach you techniques for working with your kids so that they are able to read successfully.

"Teaching Struggling Readers around the World” has a practical orientation, with the aim of you being able to help kids read right away. At the same time, you’ll learn about how reading works, so that you are able to adapt the techniques to your children’s needs and come up with new activities of your own.

Among the techniques you’ll learn are:

  • Activities for identifying which reading skills a child is good at and which reading skills the child needs extra practice in.
  • Fun and engaging ways to give children practice with the reading skills they most need to improve.
  • How to target weaker reading skills to reverse and even prevent reading problems.
  • What to do while reading stories with children so that they learn more and also learn to really love reading.

Unlike many reading instruction courses, this MOOC was created for a global population and regularly includes examples from languages around the world.


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